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By applying for a Loan you confirm that:
  • You are not currently over-indebted;
  • A court has not declared you mentally unfit;
  • You have not applied for or are currently under administration, provisional or final sequestration or debt review;
  • If married in community of property, or by customary or tribal law your spouse has given you written consent to enter into this agreement;
  • All information you give us is true and correct;
  • We may conduct any enquiry necessary to verify the information you provide
  • You will read and ensure you understand the pre-agreement statement that follows before accepting any loan amount that you may be offered;
  • You will read and ensure you understand the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement before you accept any specific terms in your Quotation;
  • All applications are subject to Capfin’s Credit Policy and an Affordability Assessment, as well as the submission of your SA ID and 3 most recent proof of income;
  • We will email all your documentation and statements to you via the email address you provided. You will also have access to these documents online.

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