Voice of the customer



1. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, “Capfin” shall mean Capfin SA (Pty) Ltd (Registration number: 2011/126985/07; NCRCP11812) and, where necessary, any associated company of Capfin;

2. “Confirmed Entrant(s)” shall mean any existing Capfin customer(s) who enter(s) the competition by means of sending an email, answering 2 (two) specified questions, to the designated email address for the competition being Consumer Insights@capfin.co.za;

3. “Personal information” shall mean the Name, Surname, Identity number, contact details, proof of registered South African banking details and any other necessary personal and or identifiable information of the Confirmed Entrant(s);

4. “Family Members” shall mean spouses, biological or lawful parents, siblings or children, whether dependant on the relevant employee or not;

5. “Prize(s)” means a monetary award, to the value of R2 000.00 (Two Thousand Rand) to the winners, the determination and allocation of which will be at the sole discretion of Capfin;

6. “Winner(s)” means the recipient(s) of the Prize(s) awarded to a Confirmed Entrant, following a selection thereof by Capfin, whose decision shall be at all times final;

7. “Business Days” means every day of the week excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays;

8. “Calendar Days” means every day of the week including public holidays;

9. “Capfin commercial partners” means any business affiliates of Capfin and/or its associated companies;

10. The above general definitions shall apply herein and in all correspondence relating to this competition save where expressly altered or the context indicates otherwise.


11. This competition will be available to all Confirmed Entrant(s) who enter(s) the competition by means of sending an email to the designated Capfin email address to stand a chance to win the amount of R2 000.00 (Two Thousand Rand).

12. Only Confirmed Entrant(s) emails will be shortlisted for the best content and then we will have a small panel of judges to select the winning entries from the shortlist

13. By means of their participation in this competition, Confirmed Entrant(s) acknowledge that no payment is required for such entry and a further Capfin Loan is in no way a requirement for entry into the promotion. Capfin merely requires all Confirmed Entrants to enter by sending an email to the designated Capfin email address.

14. By entering this promotion, all Entrants consent to the use of their personal data by Capfin for the purposes of the administration of this promotion and any other reasonable promotional obligations and un-associated marketing campaigns;

15. Entrants must be 18 (eighteen) years of age or older, a citizen of the Republic of South Africa, or permanent resident i.e. hold a valid South African ID have a valid South African bank account (in their own name) and cell phone number to enter this Promotion and qualify for the prize;

16. All Capfin, Ackermans, PEP and Capfin commercial partners and their family members will not be eligible to enter this competition.


17. This competition period will be at the discretion of Capfin.

18. Due to the requirement of scrutinising the validity of entries, a Confirmed Entrant’s entry will only be valid until the Final draw date as per clause 22 (twenty-two) below.


19. The Confirmed Entrant(s) selected to be a winner(s) in the prize draw will receive R2 000.00 (Two Thousand Rand), decided upon at the sole discretion of Capfin, which will be paid to the winner(s) after winners have been interviewed, which interviews will take place at the customer’s home. Such payment will be affected within 14 (Fourteen) business days from when the documents are received, subject to clauses 22 (twenty-two) and 24 (twenty-four) below. The prize(s) shall be paid directly into the winner’s personal South African bank account following confirmation of the validity thereof provided by the winner. In addition, Capfin will not be liable for any charges or tax associated with the payment of the prize amount, and Capfin hereby confirms that no prize(s) will be paid out in physical cash or in any other means other than by direct deposit into a valid nominated South African bank account; Winners will only include those selected that come to the Capfin offices to participate in an interview which will be recorded/placed on video, have their photograph taken, etc. and agree to have their images produced as a life size cut out for Capfin to display in our offices or use as marketing materials as and when required. Audio recordings may also be used with these life size cut outs.

20. The Prize(s) will be paid out by means of electronic direct deposit in South African Rand only;

21. Capfin will not be liable for any delay(s) with prize pay outs attributed to the late submission of any personal information provided by the Winner(s) - refer to clause 19 (Nineteen) above;

22. The winner(s) will be drawn at the discretion of Capfin.

23. The winner(s) will be announced via email or contact number or such other reasonable time and date thereafter, circumstances depending.


24. Upon inclusion of the details of all Confirmed Entrants on a list, a designated Capfin employee will be selected to choose up to 8 (eight) winners.

25. The respective Capfin agency representative will then make the necessary contact via the customers contact details listed as the preferred method of communication.

26. Should Capfin not be able to contact the winner(s) after 2 (two) attempts (meaning 2 (two) individual attempts at contacting the winner(s) through email or contact numbers over a period of 2 (two) days, that winner’s right to the prize(s) will be deemed to be waived and the prize(s) will be forfeited. Capfin reserves the right to award the prize(s) to the next only Confirmed Entrant(s) using the same process of selection;

27. The winners will comprise of up to 8 (eight) winners to be chosen by Capfin.

28. The winner(s) have 14 (Fourteen) calendar days within which to submit their required personal information or that winner’s right to the prize will be deemed to be waived and the prize will be forfeited – refer to clause 22 above.


29. Confirmed Entrants in this competition consent by means of their participation that all information provided to Capfin, such as videos, photographs, audio recordings or other etc., whether of a personal nature or otherwise, may be stored and processed on a secured database, which information may be used for future promotional activities by Capfin and its associated companies and they waive any claims to royalty rights or remuneration for such use;

30. No negotiations will be entered into as to the awarding of a prize or the contents of these terms and conditions, and at all times Capfin’s decision remains final and binding;

31. Only one entry per Confirmed Entrant is acceptable;

32. Capfin directs all Confirmed Entrant’s attention to the Capfin website for any additional terms and conditions relating to this Promotion;

33. Capfin reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions from time to time, and at their sole discretion, should they be required to do so by any applicable law or regulatory body, and furthermore reserves the right to withdraw this Promotion entirely should it be required to do so by any law or regulatory body without liability attaching to Capfin for such action or the result thereof;